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An Analysis of China: Authoritarian Meritocracy

When one looks at thousands of years of history - rather than centuries or decades - there are only a select few regions of the world which are remotely similar today when compared to their ancestors. Japan and India, for example, do share some linkage to their civilizational forefathers thousands of years ago. But there is one region, a dominant region, that has governed by roughly the same principles for thousands of years. This region is China, and the principle is autocratic meritocracy.
     From around 500 BC to 221 BC, China was in a dreadful period of civil war and disorder, known as the warring states period. The feudalistic Zhou dynasty had collapsed, leaving a power vacuum in its place. But, from the ashes, a new power would emerge - the Qin dynasty. Over the course of several years, the Qin undertook several military campaigns to unify China, eventually emerging victorious over their rivals. The Qin did not want a repeat of the warring states period, and instead of imp…

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