The Future of This Site

This will be the first post of mine that solely focuses on this site. I honestly hope that this will be a rare occurrence, because these type of posts contribute no in depth analysis or opinion and doesn’t truly inform a reader.

Firstly, thank you for all of the support. We’ve just hit 7,000 total views in the 5 months this site has been operating, which is no small feat, considering that school has started back up and I’m currently in several extracurriculars as well as AP classes, and have a few other side projects going on. This is why the number of weekly posts has gone down. Expect roughly 2 posts per week until December, when I go on a vacation. From there, it will be a post per week if I’m lucky, since robotics also starts up around then. Hopefully I will be able to put out more than I did in September and October (during which I had cross country) but that’s not guaranteed by any means.

Secondly, and more importantly, I’m deciding to take this site in a new direction with regards to content. Namely, there will be a new topic covered on this site - domestic policy. This may include coverage of issues such as healthcare, but will be focused more on the theoretical end. Imagine something akin to the “realpolitik” series, but instead describing economic and political schools of thought.

Pax Americana is heading towards a new era with new heights. Happy holidays, and expect actual content very soon.


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